Ask The Swag Gal – November 30, 2011


Since TSGal is under the weather Becky and Emma from Team Swagbucks are stepping in to help out.  Recently at lunch we were discussing the dreaded holiday pictures and how much we dislike relatives with snappy camera fingers.  We thought some of you might have the same feelings toward this annual form of torture so we’ve put together some hints and suggestions that might help.

  • What to wear – Do dress in bright solid colors.  Vibrant colors will help you look less pale or washed-out.  Patterns can also distract and sometimes make you look bulkier.  At this time of year you are always safe with red if that is a color that enhances your skin tone.  Beware choosing all black or all white as black tends to “disappear” in photos and white can wash you out, especially when near the face.  Speaking of your neckline, do not clutter it with excess jewelry or scarves.  Keep the clothing simple so the true subject stands out – you!
  • How to pose –  Show your good side, usually where your hair parts.  Lower your front shoulder and stick out your chin slightly to elongate your neck and prevent that horrid double chin.  Don’t face the camera straight on, a slight angle instantly slims your silhouette.  Try to “smile with your eyes”  by thinking positive thoughts or just bring energy into your gaze. And don’t forget to smile with your mouth, either!  Put your tongue behind your teeth, it will relax your face.  Be comfortable, confident and have fun!  Nothing is more beautiful than a confident person!

We just noticed that TSGal is breaking all the rules (wearing stripes, a scarf, posing straight on) yet she still looks gorgeous!  Hopefully she is feeling better soon but we hope you have enjoyed our post.


Becky & Emma