Be Kind

Happy World Kindness Day, Swaggernauts!  According to, “We celebrate this holiday on the anniversary of the first day of the World Kindness Movement conference held in Tokyo in 1998.  World Kindness Day is all about — you guessed it — kindness.  And it’s not just about being kind to those around you, but thinking of kindness in a global sense.”

I challenge you to all do something kind today.  Of course I’m sure most, if not all, of our Swaggernauts are already kind people, but I’m challenging you to try something out of the ordinary – something you wouldn’t normally do on a daily basis.  Send flowers to a friend, bake some cookies for your neighbor, volunteer at the local soup kitchen.  Not only do good deeds brighten up someone’s day, they make you feel good, too!

Comment in this post with your kind deed of the day!