Black Friday Bonanza

Black Friday is the day when shoppers get to stores super early to get insane deals. At Swagbucks, we’re going to give you all the excitement of Black Friday with none of the travel! Here are the crazy Swag Store deals going on starting midnight on Black Friday and extending all the way through Cyber Monday, just because we’re cool like that:

Any item in the Swag Store that has “Black” in the title will be on sale
– We’re running all day Double Entries for Big Ticket Swagstakes items: iPad 2, Kindle Fire, Xbox 360 with Kinect, PlayStation Vita System (WiFi), the NEW iPod Touch (32 GB), the $100 Best Buy Gift Card, the $100 e-Gift Card and the Greg Bennett AV1 Electric Guitar!
50% off All Video Games excluding Consoles (Available Friday 11/25/11 only)
– Our entire selection of Posters are going on Sale
– All of our Virtuals will be just 2 SB
– Great deals on gift cards from VP Games, Ecomom, NibNobs and more!

You don’t even have to sleep outside of a store to get these deals! Just use your bed. You’ve earned the rest.