Gift Card Sale: The Ultimate Dilemma

When it comes to shopping, there’s an age old question that’s been scratching heads for decades:

Should I go shopping first and eat pizza later, or eat pizza first and then go shopping?

Thankfully, with today’s entries in our weeklong Gift Card sale, you don’t have to make that choice.

You can get a tasty pie from Domino’s with this $10 Domino’s Gift Card for just 1,029 Swag Bucks – the newly redesigned pizzas from Domino’s are delicious and if you haven’t tried one yet, this is the perfect opportunity to do so! Of course, ordering a pizza comes with its own dilemmas – meat lover’s or vegetarian? Artisan style of old fashioned?

That says nothing about whether or not you would order this pizza before your went shopping or after…



For your shopping fix, we’ve got a $10 Kmart Gift Card for just 1049 Swag Bucks – turn on the blue light specials and get a great little bump to your online shopping budget for free! Since Kmart features the stuff you want at great prices, you should be able to stretch that Gift Card even further!




Of course, we STILL haven’t settled whether you should be eating your pizza first or doing your shopping first, so I think we should settle this the Swagbucks way – with codes! I’ve put an 8 Swag Buck code on the page of each of these gift cards – you can only redeem one code, and you have until 11am PT to do so. Redeem the code of the activity you think should come first – Pizza or Shopping!

The choice is yours!