Lights, Camera, Auction!

Yesterday we announced that there would be a Reverse Auction happening today, and……the rumors are true!  Starting at 1:00pm PDT, you’ll have the opportunity to snag an EXCLUSIVE, AUTHENTIC, LIMITED EDITION, and AUTOGRAPHED print of The Swag Guy and me, The Swag Gal.  TSG and I worked really hard on this photoshoot to get the most perfect pictures.  Luckily, we were both having good hair days!  As explained in yesterday’s post, there is only ONE autographed print up for grabs.  We will start the item at a set price, and we’ll drop the price every 15 minutes or so.  The first person to snag the item gets it!  The longer you wait, the lower the price, but the better possibility that somebody will snag it before you.  The lucky winner will receive the hand-signed photo with a personal message written to him/her.

The auction starts at 1pm PDT – come to participate or just to watch the excitement!  It’s all going down in the Swag Store – click here to get in on the action!

Good luck!