Swagbucks Pays For Your Holidays

The wait is over, and your opportunity to have Swagbucks pay for your holidays has arrived. Until Monday, November 28th you’ll have opportunities every day to earn entries for our grand prize drawing – a grand prize of $2500 in Amazon Gift Cards. For the last week you’ve heard us talking about how we wanted to literally pay for someone’s holiday shopping, and starting NOW you have the chance to be that person. In order to earn entries to win, start by going to your Wishlist page – you’ll notice that it looks a little different than usual:


To get your first entry, you need to create a qualifying Wishlist, which is a Wishlist that meets all of the following rules:

  • There must be at least 5 different items on your Wishlist;
  • You have to add items from at least 3 different categories in the Swag Store;
  • The total value of all of the items on your Wishlist must be more than 5000 Swag Bucks;
  • At least 3 of the prizes must be “In Stock”;
  • You cannot have more than 2 Gift Cards on your Wishlist;
  • At least one of the items on your Wishlist must cost less than 1000 Swag Bucks.

You can see how close you are to having a qualifying Wishlist by using this checklist, located on the Wishlist page. It changes as you add items to let you know where you stand:

If you’ve already been building a Wishlist and it happens to meet these requirements, then you’re all set – if not, once you’ve completed your wishlist, you’ll see this:

Congratulations on earning your first entry! Now it’s time to earn more, which you can do by sharing your wishlist! You can earn one extra entry for each day that you share your list to either Facebook or Twitter – when you share it, it’s referral enabled, which means you can earn referrals if people click on the link you share and join. You can share from two different places. One is on your Wishlist page:

And the other is on your Tracking Page, where you can track the total number of entries you’ve earned:

When you share, you’ll be asked to log in first for verification purposes:

With both Twitter and Facebook you can either customize your message or go with the standard message we’ve created. Facebook also allows you to pick which wishlist item you want to feature in your post:

Once you’ve shared, you’ll see this message:

Each day you share will be marked on your Tracking Page calendar and another entry will be added to your tally:

There’s one other way to earn entries, and that’s by referring people through your daily Wishlist sharing. When a “Wishlist Referral” registers on SB.com, you get an additional entry. Once that Wishlist Referral creates their own qualifying wishlist and shares it, you’ll get an additional 4 entires. That means you can earn a total of 5 additional entries from each Wishlist referral you get (who will also give you the customary matching search bucks). It’s important to note that a Wishlist Referral MUST  register through your Wishlist share on Twitter or Facebook; people who arrive through your usual referral link will NOT earn you any additional entries.

The drawing for a winner will take place on Monday, November 28th – in the meantime, build your wishlists, be mindful that products do go out of stock from time to time which could change the status of your wishlist, and share it with your friends so they have the chance to win $2500 in Amazon Gift Cards too!

Don’t forget that we’ll be giving away Swag Store prizes every week day leading up to the big drawing, and those wishlists will still come in handy after the drawing has taken place. If you’re tweeting about it, use the hashtag #SBHolidays – we’ll be hooking random Swaggernauts up for using it every day!

Good luck everyone, and thank you for being a part of Swagbucks – we hope we have a chance to help ALL of you pay for your Holiday shopping, even if you aren’t our Grand Prize winner!