Thanksgiving Collector’s Bills Round Up

Swagbucks' Thanksgiving Collector's Bills

Hey Swaggernauts!

We’ve reached the end of the line of the Thanksgiving Collector’s Bills train! Congratulations to everyone who collected all five, I’m sure you’re enjoying your bonus 10SBs right now!  Thanks to everyone who participated, even if you only won one Collector’s Bill you’ll still be able to enjoy it in your ledger forever =)

Did anyone have a particular favorite from this set?  Mine was definitely the limited edition Black Friday bill, very sleek. With the winter holidays coming up, it’s time to start thinking about our next set of Collector’s Bills. What would you put on the winter set? Snowflakes? Twinkle lights? Let us know!

Happy Swagging,

Emma from Team Swagbucks


P.S. As a fun bonus, enjoy 7 Swag Bucks until 6:15 PST by entering