Under The Sea With Swagbucks Games

Swagbucks Games have a way of keeping everyone at Swag Central on the edge of their seats. No matter how many of our games we play, we always walk away from them saying “That was tense!” Take this week’s featured game, Starfish.

Looks so serene, right? It even has a folksy little guitar piece that plays as you guide your litte fish around the ocean floor, collecting red starfish. BUT WAIT!!! THERE’S A TICKING CLOCK AND IF YOU HIT ANY OBJECTS YOU GET TIME AND SCORE DEDUCTIONS! HURRY!

See what we mean? It can get crazy down there in the briny deep. If you think you have the nerves for it, enter our all day progressive tournament as many times as you dare for 1 SB a shot – the winner will take home a minimum of 100 Swag Bucks and that number grows as more people join the fray. Recent featured tournaments like this one have yielded 8 times that much, at least!

Of course, if you’d rather just play for fun, you could try to beat Nicole’s score. She killed it last week with Swagasaurus Run, but this week you all have a shot. Here’s her top score:

She got to 212 points – if you have a higher score than her, take a screenshot of it, even if your game is still going, then share a screenshot of that score along with your Swag Name on Twitter with the hashtag #sbgames – we’ll hook up 3 of you with 100 Swag Bucks each!

Good luck, gamers…