When You Wish Upon A Swag Buck

As the holiday season approaches, it becomes the time when everyone is rushing out to snag that delicious Warm Cinnamon Bun Scented Candle that mom loves, the Christian Dior Rouge Lipcolor that your sister just ran out of, the Sony PSP 3000 your little brother has been begging for, and the Sony Home Theater System that Dad won’t stop talking about.  We all know that shopping for other people leads to browsing for items for yourself.  With Swagbucks’ Wishlist you don’t ever have to forget about the stuff you were secretly eying while shopping for others.  This Wishlist is great and so easy to use!  Also, as another added bonus, once you put an item on your Wishlist, you can set up e-mail alerts for price changes, availability, or to let you know when you’ve saved enough Swag Bucks to afford that particular item.  Removing items is just as simple as adding them.

To add items to your wishlist, simply click on the “Add to Wishlist” button under the title of the item:

To access your wishlist, click on “My Wishlist” in your account info:

Make your list and check it twice – Swagbucks’ Wishlist is awfully nice!

Take the hopelessness out of wishful thinking and conquer your Wishlist! :) ~TSGal