2011: Swagbucks Year In Review

Another year has come and gone

and boy has it been fun
Millions of prizes were given out
Tons of Swag Bucks were won

With Swag Code Extravaganzas
and sets of collector’s bills
Swagbucks in 2011
was filled with lots of thrills

We introduced the Book Club
and Swagasaurus Run
We introduced the Chat Bar
and Swag Jump has begun

Our members of Swag Nation
designed our waving flag
And now we raise it proudly
as it bears the Bucks of Swag

Users were awarded
with Swag Bucks galore
for leaving comments in SBTV,
in the blog and in the store

We had users carving pumpkins
and challenges for teams
we introduced a mobile app
for SBTV

New gift cards were released
Reverse Auctions were held
Mega Match Monday debuted
with which you guys excelled

The Survey Dashboard got a makeover
as did SBTV
We made the INC 500
at number 43

Tasks were introduced
we got a new layout for our blog
The SwagGab series premiered
where you met Sophie the dog

We launched in Australia
and crowned the best Christmas flick
We paid for someone’s holidays
To give a break to old St. Nick

So here’s to 2011
a year filled with Swagbucks cheer
We know we will only get better
so bring on the new year

 For those of you who were playing along with our fun and interesting Stats matching game that appeared in the Newsletter this morning, here is the answer key.

How many did you get right?

Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful 2011 – we are looking forward to a bigger and better 2012!

Feel free to leave your favorite 2011 Swagbucks memories in the comments section below.