A Smile Could Earn You Some Swagbucks

Hey Swaggernauts!


We love it so much when you chime in with your insightful and interesting opinions all over Swagbucks, from here on the blog to SBTV or even reviewing items in the Swag Store. What you may not have noticed is that we hook three people up every day for their comments. That’s 100SB for just sharing your thoughts!


In the spirit of the holidays we’re going to up the ante and bump that number to 200SB, but there’s a catch! Blank Swagbucks profile pictures hurt TSG’s eyes, he wants to see your smiling faces!

So here’s the deal, if your awesome comment is selected to get ‘hooked up’ AND you have uploaded a profile picture, you’ll get 200SB. That’ll get you that much closer to an Amazon gift card or any other prize you’ve been eyeing in the Swag Store.


Happy Swaggin’,

Emma from Team Swagbucks