Friday Funny – Santa Paws

Santa Paws

We all have our favorite holiday movies.  Mine is Home Alone – I get excited every time it comes on TV – which happens to be quite often this time of year.  Some people rely on It’s A Wonderful Life to get them through the holiday season, and others spend their nights cuddled up next to the fireplace watching The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Clearly, this dog prefers the movie Elf.  Elf is definitely a good one, I’ll have to agree with the pup there, but I don’t get quite as excited as he does when it’s on TV.  Check it out:

Dog Loves Elf – Watch MoreFunny Videos
I think this pup needs to take a trip up to the North Pole to meet Santa and the elves in person – wouldn’t that be a treat for him!  How cute!  Well if you’re as much of a fan of Elf as he is, and you can never manage to catch it when it’s on TV, snag your own copy from the Swag Store for just 1,299 Swag Bucks!

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