It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The temperature is dropping, the snow is beginning to fall, the hats, gloves, and scarves are being taken down from up in the closet, and the kids are starting to play….this can only mean one thing….SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!  That’s right – it’s time for our newest, winter edition Team Challenge.  Let It Swag is taking on Jingle Bucks – who will take home the victory?

Starting now and all the way through December 21st at 4pm PST, earn points for your team from Search wins (2 points), Tasks (3 points), Trusted Surveys (4 points), Special Offers/Daily Deals (5 points), and now for the first time ever you can earn points through SBTV wins (1 point – this does not include mobile)!  Outscore the other team and every member of your team that does at least one of the activities throughout the challenge gets a bonus of 25 Swag Bucks!  The runner up team’s bonus will be 10 Swag Bucks.  The member with the most overall points from each team will earn a bonus of 100 Swag Bucks!  The bonuses will be applied on December 22nd by 5pm PST.

To join a team, visit the official Swagbucks Snowball Fight page, and click on “I want to play.”  You will be assigned to either Let It Swag, where TSG is the captain, or Jingle Bucks, where I’m the captain!  Unlike our other Team Challenges, registration for this snowball fight doesn’t end.  You can join in at any time!

So gather your gear and bundle up – it’s a blizzard out there!

Good luck, teams!

~TSGal (Proud captain of Jingle Bucks)