Merry Cinemas!

I think it’s safe to say that most of us love watching holiday films – especially during this time of year.  But what’s the best holiday film of all time?  Well, that’s not quite as easy to determine.  That’s why we’ve created the Merry Cinemas tournament, where it will be up to YOU to decide what the all-time best holiday film is.  Let’s take a look at all of the contenders:

Today, A Christmas Story is taking on A Christmas Carol while It’s A Wonderful Life is taking on Miracle on 34th Street.  Which two movies will continue on to the next round in the hopes of becoming the top holiday film?  Well, Swaggernauts, that’s up to YOU to decide!

For 3 Swag Bucks choose:

ChristmasStory OR ChristmasCarol

For 3 more Swag Bucks choose:

AWonderfulLife OR MiracleOn34St

(Enter your choices in the “Gimme” box on the Swagbucks homepage by 2pm PST.)

May the best film win!