Putting the New in New Year’s Eve

Whether you are throwing a huge formal-attire event or just having a few friends and relatives over, New Year’s Eve can be a stressful party for the host.  Of course you want your guests to have a great time and get home safely, but have you ever thought about the next morning?  Not the next morning at your house, it is a given that it will be a disaster zone where you will be finding confetti long into 2014, but the next morning at your guests’ homes.  I never thought about it either, until I ran across an article with some amazing New Year’s Eve party favor ideas specifically designed for the morning after. Try some of these ideas and you will surely be remembered as the host with the most.


Breakfast for the next day  You can go to the large warehouse clubs and pick up a tray of cinnamon buns, portion them out one per guest and they will wake up the next morning thinking about how sweet you are.  Make sure you check the Swagbucks Coupon page for Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls if you prefer to go that route.  A third and super easy option is individual boxes of cereal from a multi-pak.

Oh my aching head  Take a minute to fix up individual hangover-helper supply kit for your guests.  Include a small packet of Advil, earplugs, a small bag of salty potato chips and some sparkling water.  If you really want to go all out maybe find some cheap sunglasses at the dollar store.

Keep the kids busy  You will be a hero if you send home activities to keep the children quiet the next morning.  Coloring books, puzzles, DVDs, anything that allows the parents to get just a few more minutes of precious sleep.

If you have any other suggestions please share them in the comments section.