Swagbucks ‘Round The World

Holidays are a great time for connecting with friends and loved ones wherever they may be.  Near, far, here, there, South Pole, or North Pole.  I bet you’re Australian mates would love to hear that they too can benefit from the wonder that is Swagbucks.  How about those UK chaps?  And our Canadian neighbors?  You can refer your international friends just as easy as you can refer your best friend up the block.  Your referral link is the same whether you’re sending it to your friend in Manchester, New Jersey or Manchester, England.  And don’t worry about those matching referral bucks – international or national, you’ll earn up to 1,000 matching bucks.  That means that every time your referral earns bucks from searching – you’ll earn them, too!

Don’t know where to find your referral link?  Well that’s easy!  Simply hover over the “Promote” tab at the top of the Swagbucks homepage and click on “Invite & Earn.”  You’ll find your referral link conveniently sitting at the top right of the page.

Happy Swagbucks to all…and to the friends you invite! :o)