The Gift of Giving – Gift Card Sale

With the fifth day of Hanukkah brings the fifth day of our Gift Card sale!  Today’s featured card is the $5 CharityChoice e-Gift Card.  A great way to stay within the season of giving, snag this card for just 499 Swag Bucks – 100 Swag Bucks less than it’s original price!  But remember, this sale is only good until midnight tonight!

The CharityChoice gift card allows you to choose which charity you want the gift card funds to benefit. You simply log on to and select your charity of choice from a list of over 150 charities.  These charities include American Red Cross, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Girl Scouts, and much more!  Designed as a quick and convenient process, the charities are listed by both category (hunger, disaster relief, education, etc.) and alphabetical order.

Don’t let the giving stop at Christmas – snag this card for only 499 Swag Bucks and help make a difference!