Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays – December 28, 2011

ttptp twitter bird

In yesterday’s TTPTP I asked you what your New Year’s Resolution is.

The three runners up, who will each be getting 50SB are:

“#TTPTP Resolution? I quit smoking, lost the weight, my friends & family love me, I’m perfect, Guess that just leaves one thing- my lying. :D” – marshaecleveland of Warsaw, IN

“@SwagBucks #TTPTP My New Years Resolution is to lose the sympathy baby weight that I gained since my wife has been pregnant!” – Dvsdarkstar of Huntington Beach, CA

“My New Year’s Resolution is to stop procrastinating. I’ll get on it next year.#TTPTP @SwagBucks” – mastermind777 of Birmingham, AL

This week’s TTPTP winner who will be receiving 500SB is…

“New Years Resolution: I will not ring the help button on the airplane just to get the flight attendants phone number. #TTPTP @SwagBucks” #TTPTP”

Congratulations, @BravoDonny (Please DM me your Swag Name)

Honorable Mentions:

#TTPTP new years resolution #1: clean up after new years party before next years party. Resolution #2: call maid service. – @Number10Trigger

In 2012 I vow to stop giving people lame excuses for my lateness…and think of new excuses #TTPTP – @KittenKitty314

@SwagBucks #TTPTP My new year’s resolution is to use a glass and not drink the milk straight from the carton. – @powergirlz84

Great job to everyone!

Until next time,