Understanding Breakage

Hey Swaggernauts,

Eron here. I’m a proud member of Team Swagbucks with arguably the most “rewarding” job.  As Chief Rewards Officer, I have the privilege to oversee the redemption side of  the Swag Bucks cycle.  Along with some hardworking and dedicated team members of the Rewards Commerce Division, we try our best to provide all of you with the most robust offering of rewards while making them as attainable as possible.

I recently wrote a piece for Inc.com  on the topic of “breakage.” You may be unfamiliar with this term, but you have unquestionably been effected by it as it  is a factor in nearly every single rewards, point, mileage, frequent buyer, and loyalty program in existence.  Although the article does not speak of Swagbucks specifically but rather rewards programs on the whole, it will shine some light on the motivations of our company and why we are all so committed to this wonderful community that you’ve created.

I encourage you to give it a read, and would LOVE if you would share your thoughts  and comments on the article’s thread. I’ll regularly check and respond to questions as well.  From the first day that Swagbucks.com was introduced, we’ve valued and appreciated the feedback (good or bad) from the people who keep the business running – the users.

Click here to read the article, I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Happy holidays and Merry Swagmas.