Ways To Win Swag Bucks On Twitter

Hey Swaggernauts!


Did you know that in addition to completing surveys, watching SBTV, searches, daily polls and playing games, you can also earn swag bucks on Twitter? Well you can! If you already have a twitter account, we recommend you follow us @Swagbucks and be prepared to rake in the swag bucks. How does this work? Simple, there are different ways to win which we’ll break down for you:


Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays (TTPTP):  Tuesday morning’s blog post will have a prompt which will get your creative juices flowing (hopefully). Once you have your super amazing response ready, tweet it using the hashtag #TTPTP. TSG will select three runners up who will each receive 50SB and the winner will receive 500SB! You can read this week’s initial prompt and the blog post announcing the winners for an idea of how it works.


#SBgames: You may have noticed in some of our game blog posts we’ll issue a challenge to beat a certain score, this is when #SBgames comes in. It’s crucial to read each blog post to see  exactly what your challenge is. For example, in yesterday’s Swag Jump blog post we issued a challenge to beat TSG’s score. Once someone has beaten the score, all they would have to do is post a screenshot of the high score on Twitter, along with their Swag name and the hashtag #SBgames for a chance to get hooked up with 100SB.


#Swagbucks & #SBholidays: This holiday season there are several ways to win Swag Bucks using the hashtag #SBholidays. Send us a fun message on Twitter or share your wish list/search win/purchase using #SBholidays for a chance to win 100SB. We hook up three random Swaggernauts everyday! Once the holidays are over, we’ll go back to hooking up people for using the #Swagbucks hashtag but don’t worry, we’ll give you a heads up.


Twitter Trivia: Every Thursday at 3:30PM PST we have some fun with trivia and give out major swag bucks! The harder the question, the more swag bucks you can win. For a complete break down of how it works, check out the last Twitter Trivia blog post.


Happy tweeting and good luck!

-Emma from Team Swagbucks