We Value Your Feedback

The constructive feedback we get from the Swag Nation is always a huge help; it does everything from assisting us in creating new products to improving the ones we already have. In case you weren’t aware, we recently launched our first ever Mobile App that allows you to watch SBTV content and earn from your Android device. We’d like to get your feedback about this device on Android Market, so please go to the download page and click through to leave a review in Android Market. Write an honest, respectful clean review and include your Swag Name – we’ll hook 3 of you up with 100 Swag Bucks each today AND tomorrow. Keep in mind, we’re not asking you to say you loved it if you didn’t; we want to see thoughtful and honest feedback, but simply saying “I hate it” doesn’t help anyone.

We’re looking forward to all of your reviews, and thanks for making our app trend in Android Market! We’ll announce who was hooked up on Twitter and Facebook.