Week in Review – December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas Eve!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful and festive weekend!  Let’s journey back to our exciting week here at Swagbucks.

On Monday we ran an all-day Swag Code extravaganza where you had an opportunity to earn 70 Swag Bucks from codes alone!  If you were lucky enough to gather all of the codes throughout the day you should have been able to solve the pictogram at the end of the day for a whopping 20 Swag Bucks!  The pictogram puzzle was “what do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?”  Still don’t know the answer?  Frostbite – of course!  I hope you enjoyed the day.

Tuesday started the first night of Hanukkah and we celebrated with a fun code.  Ashley and Nicole from SwagGab explained how to play the popular Hanukkah game, Dreidel, and had you guess who you thought would win their first game.  You got 4 Swag Bucks just for voting on a winner, and if you guessed that Ashley would win then you were hooked up with a 4 Swag Buck bonus!

Wednesday ended our Swagbucks Snowball Fight.  Both teams, Let It Swag and Jingle Bucks, did an amazing job racking up those points.  After a grueling and snowball-filled battle, Let It Swag took the victory home.  Every member of Let It Swag who participated in at least one of the challenge activities got hooked up with a 25 Swag Buck bonus while the members of the runner-up team scored a 10 Swag Buck hookup!  I hope everyone enjoyed the winter edition Team Challenge.

After over a week of head-to-head battles, the Merry Cinemas winner was announced on Thursday.  You guys picked your top two favorite holiday films to compete in the finals: A Christmas Story and Home Alone.  But, of course, there can only be one winner.  So who was crowned the best holiday film of all time?  None other than the holiday favorite, Home Alone!  I have to say – Home Alone is definitely one of my favorites!

Yesterday was the last day of our Secret Santa promotion.  Although the final gift was a bit predictable, I think we can assume it was much appreciated.  Swaggernaut carvalho23 scored a $5 Amazon e-Gift Card.  I hope you enjoyed our holiday promotion and congratulations to all of our winners!

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!