A Spooky 13

How is your Swag Code hunting going today?  Are you enjoying the spooktacular extravaganza so far?  If you’ve found all of the codes so far, you would have already collected 35 Swag Bucks – pretty sweet!  This next code is the highest valued code of the day, but it also takes the most work to figure out and redeem.  Five codes have already been released. You will need to know all five of these to figure out this next code.  If you weren’t able to redeem some of the codes, or you missed one or two, talk to your Swag Friends and have them help you out.  You can discuss the clues that we’re given out, but please DO NOT give out the actual name of the code.  Also, please do not collaborate for any of the upcoming codes, as it is AGAINST THE RULES to share active codes.  To score 13 spooky Swag Bucks, take the MIDDLE letter of each of the five codes that have already been released.  Place them in reverse alphabetical order, and enter that in the “Gimme” box by 3:30pm PST.  All of the letters will be lower case.  Good luck!

Happy Hunting and Happy Swaggin’!