Diaper Cash

Calling all Swag parents!  We’ve just introduced a new Gift Card to the Swag Store that will help make your life more affordable.  It’s the $5 DiaperJunction.com e-Gift Card!  We know how the need for diapers can take a toll on your bank account – and it’s not really something you can cut back on, is it?  That’s why we’re here to help and to ensure that your baby’s bottom will always be wrapped in the comfort of a fresh diaper.

For more than eight years, the Diaper Junction cloth diaper team has been committed to helping all parents reach their goal of using all kinds of cloth diapers, from all-in-one cloth diapers and one-size cloth diapers to traditional cotton prefold cloth diapers.  That’s why Diaper Junction offers several ways to introduce cloth diapers into your life and family’s routine.  Diaper Junction offers same day shipping, a large in-stock selection, local in store shopping for Virginia Beach residents and even a Cloth Diaper Laundry and Delivery Service!  In addition to cloth diapers and diapering accessories, Diaper Junction also retails baby carriers, breastfeeding supplies and natural parenting baby gear.

Snag this e-Gift Card and make your life a little easier.  Want to learn more about modern cloth diapers before purchasing this e-Gift Card?  Visit the Cloth Diaper Blog or check them out on Facebook.