Even More Gold

I’m sure many of you remember when I announced the Golden Ticket item earlier this month, the Winnie the Pooh Calendar.  Well, you Swaggin’ bandits cleared us out entirely and all of our calendars are now in the hands of those lucky Swaggernauts who snagged them just in time!  Who found a Golden Ticket in theirs?

Because we don’t want to deprive you of your opportunity to snag a Golden Ticket, we’re introducing the second golden ticket item of the month!  I’m sure you all have some great pictures from the holidays that just past, and I bet you need the perfect place to keep them.  How about keeping them protected in your new Vinyl Archival Mini Photo Album?  This Travel themed album is acid free and photo safe.  On the inside front and inside back, there are areas to keep the date and place that the photos were taken, along with an area to keep notes.  You also have the option to put your own photo as the front cover as well as back cover.  And who knows, your new photo album might come pre-stocked with an exclusive golden ticket!  You can snag this photo album for just 269 Swag Bucks, and if you’re lucky enough to find a golden ticket in yours, you would have gotten it for just 100 Swag Bucks, as the golden ticket is worth 169 Swag Bucks.  One out of every 5 photo albums sold will contain a golden ticket.  Will you find one?

Don’t forget, this Photo Album also still qualifies as a SWAGO game piece, along with every other item in the Hot Deals section of the Swag Store.

Good luck!