Froobi Daily Deals: Adorable Warm Fleece Animal Hats with Ear Flaps

These cute and adorable Fleece Animal Hats are perfect for those cold winter days, animal costumes and many other occasions. These Animal Fleece hats feature extremely soft material and are fully lined inside for your comfort. They are connected with side flaps that measure 12 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide, so you can fully cover up your ears from the winter cold. They are also made of thick, warm and soft material making them perfect for winter, and/or outdoor activities like snowboarding and playing in the snow. Today they are available in six different animals only at

List Price: $29.95
Froobi Price: $8.99
You Save: 71%
Rebate: Up To 100  Swag Bucks
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The traditional characteristics of Pearl are modesty, chastity and purity. Pearls are often associated with good luck as it was considered a good fortune when divers would find oysters with perfect
pearls. Indian legend has it that pearls were heavenly dew drops than fell into the sea. In India, ancient warriors attached the pearls to their weapons to symbolize the tears and sorrow of those slain by the

Bring your look to the next level with this alluring 6-7 mm black button pearl necklace. Double rows of pearls give the necklace a more intense and sophisticated feel. The necklace itself is 17″ in length.
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List Price: $39.95
Froobi Price: $14.99
You Save: 63%
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