Globally Golden

Who hung out with Emma last night to join in on her live-tweeting excitement based around the Golden Globes?  From fashion to couples, winners to presenters, she covered all the bases from an award-filled evening.  What did you think of the outcome of the Golden Globes?  Did your favorite movies receive any awards?  Here are some of my favorite tweets from last night’s Golden Globe Twitter party.

jenimadison: @Swagbucks TY for tweeting the @goldenglobes tonight…lots of fun!!!
grn_iz: @Swagbucks Omg we missed a wardrobe malfunction?! Shoot, too busy tweeting #GoldenGlobes….. I thought i was imagining it LOL
Ada_chick: @Swagbucks I am in love with Meryl Streep. I don’t think there is a movie of hers, yet, that I don’t like! Such a talented woman
Kingsfiddler: @Swagbucks I’m here! No cable/dish so I’m keeping up with the #GoldenGlobes via Twitter.
MattBaker_: @Swagbucks Im here at 3:30am form the UK… woot woot showing #Swagbucks dedication!
tezero: @Swagbucks has done a good job of Tweeting the Golden Globes.Not too much, Not too little. Just right. =)

For those of who may have missed the Golden Globes last night, here’s an SBTV video that offers the funniest and most tear-worthy moments of this year’s award show.

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