Head Gear

I have to admit, I’m not much of a Football fan.  I know, I know, get all of your gasps out – but, it’s true.  I think if the players had some jazzier uniforms I might be more into it.  Or if their field kick goals were performed in a graceful, chorus-line type way.  And how cool would it be if their huddles consisted of synchronized dance moves?  Is anyone with me?  Or am I just talking crazy talk?  Regardless, I found this awesome article on Good.is that featured “Creative Helmets, which recently won the Red Dot design award” (Good.is).  Kazakhstan native, Igor Mitin, showcases his collection of “swanky, quirky, tongue-in-cheek headgear.”  I guarantee that if these made their way onto the NFL fields, tuning into Monday Night Football would become my new activity.  Take a look!

Pretty fun, huh?  Which one did you like the best?  I don’t think anyone would disagree with me if I said that these helmets would make the NFL more exciting.  Distracting?  Maybe so.  Entertaining?  Definitely.

Pass it on!