How to get your poll selected

Hey Swaggernauts,

Justin from Team Swag Bucks again. This time, I’m hear to tell you about one of my favorite undervalued ways to earn big bucks and I’m gonna give you the skinny on how to seal the deal on getting those bucks.

Daily Polls

Most of you already know you can earn 1SB a day just by answering the Daily Poll. What you might not know is that you can send in your ideas for our Daily Polls to and if we select it to be a Daily Poll, you earn 100SB! Here are some tips to help you come up with a poll that is likely to be a winner:

1. First thing’s first. It’s always great to see what fun ideas The Swag Nation comes up with, but if we’re going to be able to use it and credit you, we need to know your swag name or the email you signed up with. That is often the most forgotten step in earning bucks.

2. Be interesting and original. We try to only pick polls that we think the majority of Swaggernauts will have an opinion on or interest in. Some topics are only interesting to a few of us and there are more interesting questions to ask the masses than “What’s your favorite color?” or “What kind of rotor do you have on your helicopter?” Also, we try to keep the polls fresh and rarely repeat them so if you have a very simple question, one reason it might not be selected is that we’ve already offered that poll. Questions that begin with “What’s your favorite…” are often not the most interesting and have already been asked. In fact, here’s a letter from an actual Swaggernaut talking about their poll idea:

I was making sandwiches for a lunch outing with my Girl Scout troop and
mentioned what I planned to make to another Mom. She seemed baffled and a
little grossed out that I going to butter the bread for the ham, turkey and
salami sandwiches. It was the first time I realized that not everyone ate
sandwiches like that. I asked a few more friends and found that most people
had the same baffled/grossed out reaction. How strange. Them or me? I
guess this poll will tell. . .

3. Be topical, but think in advance. If tonight or even tomorrow is the Super Bowl, it is too late to suggest a poll on who will win. Try to suggest these sorts of topical polls at least a week in advance. If it’s about something that just happened, that’s fine so long as it will still be topical during the week to come.

4. Six Answers. Lastly, we only offer up to six answers for any poll question and The Swag Nation gets very frustrated when there are no answers that fit the way they feel about a topic so do your best to offer answers that would encompass how everyone feels. Often times, that means making one of the six answers “Other” or something like that. Whether your poll idea has two answers or six, please do include answers if you’d like to be picked!

5. How many polls should we submit in one e-mail? I would recommend that you simply keep a habit of sending them in as they come to you whether it’s two at a time today or just one tomorrow. The best strategy is to send them in when you feel inspired. Sitting around thinking up poll ideas, you aren’t as likely to come up with something interesting and fresh, but when a good one (or two) hits you, you know it and you should send it right in.

6. Do we have to include a picture for the poll in our e-mail? Nope! We’ll pick one out for ya, but if you want to include a photo, that’s okay.

7. Will I get a reply if my poll is not being used? You should not expect to receive an e-mail alerting you that your poll is not being used.  However, the brighter side of this is that it is also in part due to the real possibility your poll will still be selected. Most polls you see have been submitted recently, but once in a while, we pull one from the depths of the Swag Central poll archive.

That’s all for now, Swaggernauts, but stay tuned… I’ll be back soon with more news and tips!

Good luck with those poll ideas and happy swagging!