Pudgeens Day Recap

Hey there – Ashley here!  So as most of you probably know, yesterday we celebrated Pudgeens Day!  Pudgeens, if you remember, is a fun word that Emma and I made up on the 30th of last month.  Pudgeens has no definition, until you use the word.  You can use it however you see fit, making up your own fun and silly definition.  We celebrate Pudgeens Day on the 30th of the month, where we encourage you all to send us tweets with your creative use of the word.  I wanted to share some of my favorite tweets that we received yesterday.  You guys seemed to have a lot of fun with Pudgeens Day and we had even more fun reading your responses.

kgd1974: @Swagbucks I can’t wait for the mail today. I get my #pudgeens today! Yippy! 😛

PIDGEme: My sister asked me to untag her photo on Facebook because she looks #Pudgeens

raylene056: Love means never having to say #pudgeens 

malloryalan: #Pudgeens reminds me of a mix between perogies and some sort of chocolate cake. #maybeimjusthungry

zsteelie: The optometrist says I have a healthy-looking #Pudgeens!

dreadmedia: #Pudgeens means never having to say “I’m sorry.”

Ferretmom66: I think I need some antibiotics to treat these darn #Pudgeens!

DotMarie1: Wish we could pay our taxes with #pudgeens!!! It’s been one of THOSE DAYS!!!!

CTSweeper: My son was offered a temporary job today! I am doing the #Pudgeens dance 🙂

Sasper46: I should have watched where i was going.I stepped in #pudgeens.Oh well it happens to everyone eventually.

joscelin85: I just about froze my #pudgeens off here in Boise this morning! Brrr!

Shaiva23: It’s a chilly day here on Vancouver Island, so I’m whipping up a batch of #pudgeens. It’s my favourtie comfort food!

Dairy Farmer: I wonder if I can #Pudgeens myself into a more challenging position at work.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Pudgeens Day!  We hope you had as much fun as we did!  See ya’ next Pudgeens Day!