Swagbucks Book Club – Sarah’s Key review for you

Happy Friday, Swagbucks Book Club!

Today I want to spotlight a user-submitted book review, which if featured in the blog, can earn the Swaggernaut a cool 250 Swag Bucks!  Simply write a 3-5 paragraph review of a book you think other Swaggers might find interesting and email it to bookclub@swagbucks.com.  Please include your swagname and we also ask that the review not appear elsewhere on the web. Today’s review is from bonsuew who recommends Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay.  Thanks to bonsuew for the recommendation, you will be receiving 250 SBs in return.  Below is a fun video I found that I think you will enjoy.  And finally, don’t forget we will be discussing Eat Pray Love on Friday, January 27th at 10am PT.


Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay , submitted by bonsuew
I always like a good piece of historical fiction and I’ve read many that included aspects of World War 2, but none that focused on what happened in France.  This book take place in 2002 (the present), but tells the story of a girl named Sarah, who is a survivor of the French roundup and extermination of Jews during the war.  In the present, an American woman who has been living in France with her family for 25 years has been asked to write an article for her magazine.  As she researches the horrors of that time in France, information surfaces that ties her husband’s family to the tragedy of the young girl Sarah.  The dual storyline which comes together beautifully was a great way to bring out the way the past is viewed, as well as to feel the horror along with Julia Jarmond (the main character in the present time period).
As well as bringing to light this hidden piece of French history, thus helping to “Never Forget” what happened during this time period, the author does a good job of developing the characters and helping you to understand how Julia is resolving the questions she has about her place in France and her marriage.
So many aspects of this book had me thinking.  How could a 10 year old girl live with the consequences of the decision she made to leave her 4 year old brother behind, locked in what she thought was a safe place? How could she find the strength to survive the horrific conditions and treatment she received?  How does she go on and live a life where she could allow love back in?  How does one heal and move forward into the future – did she?  Yes, it’s a novel, but unfortunately we know there are many true stories that mirror this tale.  In my own family, I have a great aunt who did not survive and a grandmother who was deported from Germany and managed to live in a forest in Poland for months before she was able to escape to Great Britain.  She never spoke of this to me.  When I read a book like this, I can’t help but be amazed at the human spirit and what it can survive.
Have some extra time on your hands and a lot of books, try this…  If not, just watch and enjoy!