Swagbucks Hits The Gold Mine Again

It seems as though we have quite a few Veruca Salts among our community – hunting ferociously for that hidden Golden Ticket.  We saw it at the start of the month when we introduced the Winnie the Pooh calendar, then again when we released Golden Tickets in our stack of Vinyl Archival Mini Photo Albums.  Because you all are such Golden Ticket fiends we are now introducing our third Golden Ticket item of the month.  This one is for all of our little Swag Tots looking for a fun way to keep track of their growth spurts.  It’s the Peanuts 5 Ft Growth Chart!

These growth charts can be used as party favors, for parents to document how fast their little ones are growing, or as a surprise for a job well done.  Every kid likes to see how much they have grown and this way you can save your paint and your walls from those ugly hash marks.  These are great for multi-kid families, too!  You can snag this adorable and useful chart for just 399 Swag Bucks.  Hidden among our stash are 10 Golden Tickets valued at 359 Swag Bucks each.  If you are lucky enough to find one you’ll get your Peanuts Growth Chart for just 40 Swag Bucks – what a steal!

Good luck, Swag Hunters!