Week in Review – January 14, 2011

It’s time for another Week in Review

to discuss the events and fun stuff that we do

There’s never a dull moment here on our site

┬áso if you missed any days, I”m here to shed a light

On Monday we introduced our new Daily Deal

The Braggable Bargain that you can get for a steal

Follow the Swag Store Twitter page

To keep track of the deals that are all the rage

On Tuesday, Nicole from the Swagbucks Team

wrote a post with a Survey theme

Give it a read and you will learn

tips and advice that will help you earn

We announced the winners of the TTPTP

on Wednesday, and boy did you impress me

Check them out by clicking this link

Respond below and let us know what you think

On Thursday Swagbucks made the news

If you haven’t yet, give it a view

Savannah’s Savvy Shopper brought us this clip

to express her love of Swagbucks and offer great tips

Yesterday was an Extravaganza

some may call it a Swag Code bonanza

The day had a Friday the 13th theme

How many codes did you redeem?

I hope you enjoyed this Week in Review

I thought I would spice it up for you

So get back to earning, back to snagging

I’ll catch ya’ later – happy swaggin’!