Week in Review – January 21, 2011

It’s time for another Week in Review

to discuss the events and fun stuff that we do

There’s never a dull moment here on our site

 so if you missed any days, I”m here to shed a light

On Monday we honored MLK

who fought for equality in an admirable way

We celebrated with an all day code

as our appreciation was bestowed

On Tuesday Swagbucks struck more gold

a new Golden Ticket we did unfold

They’re hidden in the Peanuts Growth Chart

so go add one to your Swagbucks shopping cart

On Wednesday, Nicole from the Swagbucks Team

wrote a post with a Survey theme

She offers some great Dashboard advice

give it a read, don’t even think twice

On Thursday we discussed this month’s charity

which, over the weeks, gained popularity

Your Swag Bucks can help children learn how to read

so open your hearts and give to those in need

Yesterday we reached a milestone

Our Facebook page has immensely grown

Over 900,000 likes, thanks to you

Next stop 1 million – you know how we do

So now go on your merry way

I hope you Swag the day away

I’m wishing you all a winning streak

and we’ll see you on Monday for Spirit Week!