And The Big Prize Is…

By now you’ve gotten all of the clues and you may have even figured out what our big prize will be. You also know that the sentence that reveals the prize is:

“The Swag Gal loves her ______ and wants him/her to win a BIG prize: to send him/her to _________ and then ___ him/her to _________ on a ___________!”

The clues (in order) were:

1. Fly
2. Private Jet
3. Mother
4. Las Vegas
5. Hollywood

Figured it out yet? We’ll end the suspense here:

“The Swag Gal loves her mother and wants her to win a BIG prize: to send her to Hollywood and then fly him/her to Las Vegas on a Private Jet!”

That’s right: as part of Mother’s Day this year, YOU’RE going to help us select a Grand Prize Winner, who will win a trip for two out here to Hollywood, followed by a trip by private jet to Las Vegas! Our partner for this amazing prize is ElJet, a fantastic company that provides charter flight service!

I know you have a lot of questions, and we’ll have the answers for you in the coming weeks, including more details on the prize and how it can be won, so be sure to stay tuned to the blog for the latest info on our BIG Mother’s Day giveaway!

‘Cause you’re leaving’, on a jet plane…

P.S. – Here’s 4 more Swag Bucks by 5pm PST: