Charity At Heart

Birthdays are always a great time to reflect and look back on how we got to be who and where we are. With Swagbucks turning four today, we wanted to give you a little insight on our own humble beginnings.

While most people know Swagbucks as the fun Social Rewards Community where people earn great stuff free, most people don’t know that Swagbucks’ parent company, Prodege actually started 3 years before Swagbucks with one goal in mind – charity.  Prodege offered a means for any charity to earn money through a custom search engine, in which they would earn a donation every time a user searched through their site.  This concept expanded into working with music artists to earn money for the charities they promoted by offering prizes like signed memorabilia. These early programs opened the door for Prodege to created branded search engines for over 150 of the top names in sports, music, and entertainment. The success of these loyalty programs sparked the idea of, and now 4 years later we have millions of loyal Swaggernauts to share our birthday with us.
Even though we’ve come a long way from where we started, we have not forgotten our roots and the reason we went into business in the first place.  Since the end of 2010, we have given our community the option to donate their Swagbucks to a different charity every month. The program continues to grow, and so far we have been able to donate over   $55,000 to various charities, including World Hunger Relief, Make A Wish Foundation, the ASPCA, and relief efforts from Haiti to Japan..  We’re proud of our charity program and we’re proud of you for helping us help others.  In fact, in order to be able to do even more with your Swag Bucks donations we are altering the evaluation; it will be a straight conversion which means your efforts will send even more money to charity!

This month’s charity, the UNCF, is a great cause and is still accepting donations for just a few more days.  If you are so inclined please take a moment during the festivities to help celebrate Swagbucks and its roots by making a donation.