Coupons To Keep You Healthy

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time to feature some more awesome savings available through Swagbucks Coupons!  It’s important to make sure your medicine cabinet is always fully stocked, as you never know when you might get hit with a bug, and the last thing you want to do when you aren’t feeling well is go out and pick up medicine.

Sore throat?  Pick up some Ricola Throat Lozenges and save $1 when you purchase two packages.

Headache?  Reach for your bottle of Aleve.  Save $2 on any Aleve bottle that’s 80ct or larger.

Got a cough that just won’t quit?  Drown it with some Robitussin.  Save $1 on any Robitussin product.

Feel like your head is up in the clouds because of your head cold?  Come back down to Earth with Advil Congestion Relief, which you can save $1 on.

Wishing health and happiness to all my Swaggernauts!

Happy Saving!