From The Swagbucks Vault

Now that we’re officially into the month of February, our birthday is just around the corner.  On Monday, February 27th, we will be celebrating our 4th birthday here at Swagbucks.  It’s really amazing to see how far we have come and how much we have grown over the past four years, all thanks to you.  We thought it would be fun to reach into the Swagbucks vault and resurface some of our favorite and vintage blog posts from the past few years.  The first one that I have chosen to share with you is from December 16th, 2008, the day that we launched the Swagbucks Facebook Page.  It’s amazing to see that since our launch, we’ve gained over 900,000 members on our Facebook Page – that’s incredible and you Swaggernauts are the only ones who can take credit for that!  We pride ourselves on our successful Facebook community, and we hope that you enjoy engaging with us on this platform.  Take a journey down memory lane and click here to read the our first blog post from the Swagbucks vault!  Leave your favorite Swaggernaut memories in the comments section below.