Happy Presidents’ Day From Swagbucks

In the U.S., today is the day of the year that we set aside to honor our presidents, and while it most notably honors George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, it’s intended to pay tribute to all of our Commanders-in-Chief.

Therefore, here’s to you, Millard Fillmore!

Lookin’ Good, John Quincy Adams!

Let’s see that smile, Calvin Coolidge. No? OK.

We love you just the way you are, Martin Van Buren.

From the halls of Ulysses S. Grant to the shores of William McKinley, we salute all of you and the work you’ve done to guide our country through the often choppy waters of history.

Even you, James Buchanan. In fact, Buchanan is often obscured by the more accomplished or “famous” presidents, so TSG’s giving him his moment in the spotlight:

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PS – If you feel like doing the slow clap for James Buchanan, TSG won’t stop you.