Keep Giving

February is National African-American History Month, and in keeping with that we’ve chosen a charity that has worked tirelessly for almost 70 years to give people of color and people who are disadvantaged the opportunity to get the higher education opportunities they need – the UNCF.  Their motto, “A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste” has become a symbol of the belief that everyone should have access to quality education.  ”UNCF plays a critical role in enabling more than 60,000 students each year to attend college and get the education they need and that the nation needs them to have” (

As of now, almost 45,000 Swag Bucks have already been donated to this great cause, thanks to our generous Swaggernauts.  I’d love to watch this number skyrocket throughout the remainder of the month.  The Swag Bucks will be turned into a cash donation at the end of the month that will be given directly to the UNCF.  Thanks in advance to all of you who donate to this worthy cause, and to everyone who takes time every day to give to others in any way.  Remember that you can track the current donations on our Official Swagbucks Charity Page, and you can donate now by clicking here.