Long-Distance Pillow Talk

I guess I would consider myself the romantic type, and because of that, I found this product to be one of the coolest new inventions I’ve seen.  Perfect for couples who can’t spend every night together, this pillow makes long-distance relationships less lonely.  “A Scottish designer named Joanna Montgomery has created a product called “Pillow Talk” to ease the pain.  Each member of a couple wears a special ring sensor at night, and places a fabric panel inside his or her pillowcase.  When one person goes to bed, the ring wirelessly communicates with his lover’s pillow and causes it to gently glow.  When he puts his head on the pillow, he can hear the real-time heartbeat of his partner, no matter how far away” (theweek.com).  Check it out:

Am I the only one who thinks this is an awesome invention?  To those of you who have been or are in a long-distance relationship, wouldn’t this come in handy?


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