Look for Less – The Complete Look

Yesterday I pieced together an outfit based on Jessica Biel’s look.  I was able to find similar jeans, shoes, sunglasses, and purse, but I had a hard time finding the blouse.  I left it up to you guys to find the best match at the best price.  I was genuinely impressed by the findings you all shared – you definitely did a better job than I did at finding a good match.  However, Swaggernaut crimsonpookie found this beautiful blouse on Bluefly.com for just $29.99, and it looks nearly identical to Jessica’s.

Well done, crimsonpookie – I’m hooking you up with 100 Swag Bucks for finding the best match at the best price!

So now let’s look at the whole outfit:

Putting the whole outift together, you can snag Jessica Biel’s look for less than $130 – not too shabby for such a classy and chic style.

Until next time,