Mommy Discount

Calling all Swag Moms!  We’ve just introduced a new item to our Swag Store that will certainly come in handy.  For just 329 Swag Bucks you can snag $5 off to Mom’s Milk Boutique!  We know how the need for diapers and all of your baby accessories can take a toll on your bank account – and it’s not really something you can cut back on, is it?  That’s why we’re here to help and to ensure that your baby stays comfortable and your wallet stays full.

Mom’s Milk Boutique is committed to bringing you and your family the best in natural parenting products.  This $5 discount can be used on anything in their store!   Treat yourself to a new nursing bra or baby carrier, stock up on cloth diapers and cloth diapering accessories, and pick up some fun, interactive, and intellectual baby safe toys.  No matter what it is you may or may not be looking for, you are sure to find something that you or your little bundle of joy will love!  Mom’s Milk Boutique offers FREE SHIPPING in the USA on all orders over $25.  They also offer a fantastic Milk Miles rewards program for all of you frequent shoppers!

Snag your discount now and start shopping!