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Swagbucks Book Club – Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Posted by on Fri, February 10th, 2012 at 10:00 am

Happy Friday, Swagbucks Book Club!

Thanks for stopping by today, we have three important pieces of business:

  1. Reminder about our current reading selection
  2. How you can earn 250 Swag Bucks
  3. How you can win 500 Swag Bucks

1)  The current selection is Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay.  You can snag a Kindle copy in the Swag Store for 1499 Swag Bucks, or utilize those awesome Amazon Gift Cards or Barnes & Noble e-Cards.  And there is always your local library.  We will be discussing this book on March 9th at 10am.

2) You can earn the Swaggernaut a cool 250 Swag Bucks for submitting a review of any book you would like to share with the Book Club.  The book can be fiction, non-fiction, old, new, YA, classic, whatever appeals to you.  Simply write a 3-5 paragraph review of a book you think other Swaggers might find interesting and email it to  Please include your swagname and we also ask that the review not appear elsewhere on the web.  Today’s review was submitted by belle2010 who now is 250 Swag Bucks richer, and hopefully you have been exposed to a new book you just might enjoy.


A Review of N. K. Jemisin’s “Hundred Thousand Kingdoms” submitted by belle2010

N.K. Jemisin’s book, “The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms” is the first of three in an enthralling series about gods and their faults, deceit, love, sorrow, and desire. This book, and indeed the entire series have it all: romance, drama, action and fantasy. There is a perfect balance of everything that we love most about reading books and “The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms” is by far one of the easiest to get lost in.

The main character, Yeine Darr is a barbarian woman with wits and intelligence, relatable and admirable, thrown from her average life into a fight for survival… but is it something more? You bet! Underlying her battle is a war of the gods: Nahadoth, Itempas, their ever-fading sister, Enefa and their children, the goldings. Something dangerous is at work, right under Yeine’s  nose and the survival of others as well as herself is dependent on her ability to quickly uncover ancient secrets!

In a book that you will undoubtedly have a difficult time putting down, find out if Yeine Darr has it in her to save herself, her gods and all humanity. Upon the way you will get to know intimately, Nahadoth, the god of chaos and change, Itempas, the god of order, Enefa, the goddess of creation and other characters that you will learn to love, some that you will learn to hate, and even a few that will break your heart. I can almost guarantee that once you have read this book, you won’t be able to stop yourself from reading the remaining two.



3). Are you interested in giving your opinion about the Swagbucks Book Club? If you would like to participate in a survey specifically about the Book Club please leave a comment below requesting to be included.  This survey will be delivered to your Swagbucks Inbox (that envelope looking thing in the upper right corner of the page)  next week and will involve many open-ended questions (just so you know what you are volunteering for).  Everyone who completes the survey within a specified time frame will be entered into a drawing to win 500 Swag Bucks.  If you want to participate please indicate your interest in the comments.

Happy reading!


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