Save Your Way To 1,000 Swag Bucks

In addition to the very exciting announcement we made this morning, we’ve got so more news to announce.  How is your SWAGO board looking?  Are you getting close to your 1,000 Swag Buck bonus?  Well, we’ve just released the next edition of SWAGO game pieces.  They now live in all of our prizes in the Discounts & Coupons section of the Swag Store.  Whether you’re snagging 15% off to ScoreBig to save on those tickets to see your favorite band live (ScoreBig will give you a guaranteed 30% off in addition to the 15% off if you make a purchase within the first 2 weeks of registering), picking up the $25 Travelocity Hotel Promontional Card to use on your upcoming weekend getaway,  using the $7 Alawar Game Download to finally get Treasures of Montezuma that you’ve been wanting, or snagging the $5 off coupon for Cookie’s Kids to surprise your little girl with some fabulous new fashions for Spring, any discount you snag from the section will qualify as a SWAGO game piece, bringing you one step closer to that 1,000 Swag Bucks.  Snag one coupon or snag them all!

Click here to see all of the available Discounts & Coupons.

Happy Saving, Happy SWAGOing!