Shaping A New Golden Ticket

Considering how popular yesterday’s Golden Ticket was (totally sold out already!), you guys love two things: Golden Ticket items and things for the kiddos! That’s why we’ve got both for you again, because our newest Golden Ticket item is Modeling Dough!

As we all know, the only limit to what you can make with a good tub of modeling dough is your imagination. Build whatever you want, then knead your latest work of art back into a ball and start all over again! It’s non-toxic, comes in multiple colors and you can snag one for just 379 Swag Bucks.  Every other tub of modleing dough snagged will contain a Golden Ticket worth 299 Swag Bucks, making the dough yours for just 80 Swag Bucks!

Snag yours now!