Swag Jump 2.0: Birthday Challenge

As part of our Birthday Celebration, we’re going to be launching a new game later today that’s perfect for a party, but first, we’ve got a new and improved version of Swag Jump, one of our Swagbucks originals.

When the game debuted, you gave us feedback on ways we could improve the game.

We listened – the game is now easier at the beginning levels, with more logos to keep your character hopping!

If you haven’t played Swag Jump before, it’s pretty simple – you guide with TSG, TSGal or Swagasaurus Bux as they jump through the air, collecting Swagbucks logos – with each logo you collect, your jump is continued and you collect points. Use your mouse to steer your character around.

You start a few feet off of the ground, but if you’re skilled enough, you might just wind up in outer space, and you may see the logos changing color – those are worth double the points!

TSG tried out the new and improved Swag Jump, and here’s what I was able to score:

If you can beat my score within the next hour, post a screenshot of your score to Twitter with the hashtag #SwagJump and your Swag Name – we’ll be hooking people up with 100 Swag Bucks at random until 5am PT!

Good Luck, Swaggernauts!