Swagbucks Book Club – And a Side Order of Rice

I’ve learned so much since the launch of the Swagbucks Book Club. I learned some key Italian phrases from Eat Pray Love, ancient Chinese traditions from Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, and a wicked revenge option from The Help.  One of the more alarming pieces of information I’ve acquired, and something I can no longer deny, is that I need reading glasses!  “Or I need longer arms,” as the joke goes.  With that revelation I had to laugh when I read about this this recent art installation that features books written on grains of rice.  Whole texts are written one word per grain.  Trong G. Nguyen is the artist behind this thought-provoking and possibly headache-inducing mixed-media work.  If I thought I needed glasses before….


A much easier read is this month’s selection, Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. I have to say, I cannot put this book down.  I hope you are enjoying it too.  You can snag a Kindle copy in the Swag Store for 1499 Swag Bucks, or utilize those awesome Amazon Gift Cards or Barnes & Noble e-Cards.  And there is always your local library.  We will be discussing this book in March.

Come back next Friday for a special survey opportunity where you just might win 500 Swag Bucks.

Now where did I put those darn reading glasses…