Swagbucks Games Know How To Party

What’s a good birthday party without party games? Games at a party give people the opportunity for some friendly competition, while an impressive performance in a game might just catch the attention of that guy or gal you’ve had your eye on.

That’s why we’re introducing Darts Party in Swagbucks Games!

If you’ve never played darts before, it’s a lot of fun and unique in that the goal is to get your score down to zero. You do that by hitting different areas of the board, each of which are worth different amounts of points. You’ll play each of your games against a computer opponent in a best-of-three matchup.

Because there’s no high score, I’m going to try something a little different – if you can beat the computer, post a screenshot to Twitter. Tell us which character you played as, and which character you played against. Use the hashtag #sbgames and don’t forget to include your Swag Name – we’ll be hooking people up at random with 100 Swag Bucks until 12:00pm PT.

Good Luck, Swaggernauts!