Swagbucks Games: The Ripple Effect

Some Swagbucks Games are frantic and action packed. Other require you to find words, problem solve, or show off your skill with puzzles. In Ripples, you’re just a kid throwing stones into a pond filled with paper boats at sunset, or maybe sunrise. When your stone hits the water, it creates ripples which sink the boats. Simple as that, and surprisingly calming:

The game has two modes – one is survival, where you try to prevent the boats from getting across the screen. The other, which I prefer, is one shot mode, where you fling a stone into the water and see how many boats are sunk, since each sinking boat creates its own ripple, which can set off a chain reaction. Normally I’m not so hot at these games, but today I think I’ve really given you a challenge. I’m posting my best One Shot Mode score. If you can beat my score, take a screenshot of your higher score and post it Twitter with your Swagname and the hashtag #SBGames – three of you will be awarded with 100 Swag Bucks each for this not-so-easy feat.

Then again, if there’s one thing I know, it’s not to underestimate the gaming abilities of the Swaggernauts. Here’s my score:

91 is nothing to sneeze at – good luck, Swaggernauts!